WE Center

East & West Center for Human Resources Development (WE Center) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization. Established in the beginning of 2008.



To Work for building institutional and individuals capacity and empower them to make positive change in their societies and develop their social, economical, health and political life based on the values of human respect, partnership and integration among individuals and society.


To contribute in building Jordanian and International society that flourishes with peace, respect & dialogue, and owns tools of change by creative youth hands.


  1. Building Institutional and individual capacity through development and change by way of peaceful and creative tools.
  2. Enhancement of human morality and religious values.
  3. Building local and international networks in support of women, youth and world peace issues.
  4. Empower youth gender to improve their social, economic, health and political status.
  5. Enhance dialogue within society and with other societies.
  6. Organize and coordinate firm voluntary works which serve human society


WE Center has structured its activities based on 5 focal areas of interest

  1. Gender
  2. Human resources development and advocacy campaigns
  3. Dialogue and international peace
  4. Human security
  5. Volunteerism


The terms East and West are not only name which reflect place or time. It’s not important if the sun rises in certain place and sets in another; rather what is really count is the diversity and integration of the two contrasts. East and West mean the existence of the other in our life in everywhere despite all its contradictions. Our species to another species, our religion to another religion and our belief to another belief. The other may agree or disagree with us, but what solves this difference is dialogue not conflict. Therefore, The relation between east and west as the centre see it is a “ we “ relation not an “ I” relation which is based on (partnership , respect , dialogue and integration). Depending these principles, east and west centre builds all its work to upgrade human being everywhere. East and west centre believes as well that youth in east and west are the most capable of achieve positive change on all human, social, economical , political and environmental levels, both on the local and international dimensions to achieve the seeked after peace.


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