EVS volunteers

You can here find a short presentation of all the EVS volunteers that either have worked or still work at WE Center:

 Paula, Poland.
Cześć, Hello, Marhaban, Hola, Servus, Salut…and more, and more and more;) My name is Paula and I am from Poland, I am 23 years old dreamer and doer. One day I have a dream, the next day simply I do it;)
Some years ago I discovered a strong passion for Arab culture, so I decided to follow in the wake of the sweet breathe of oriental music, spicy food, sunny weather and welcoming yet hot-tempered people. I ended up studying Arabic language, reading Al-Jazeera, and singing Fayrouz not to mention smoking Shisha…:D.
However, I am also a pepicture_personal profilerson strongly interested in others, I  love spending time with people, I love how colourful and different they are but most of all, I like helping others. I don’t know if the verb like suits here. I just feel I’ve received and I am still receiving a lot from the world and  from the people, and I know I want to share it, I want to share myself with them. If I have more – I share, if I have less, somebody share it with me. That is why in Poland I work a lot in the social help field. I work with orphans, homeless, children suffering from various disabilities. Here I work with refugees from Syria and Palestine, and I do appreciate this opportunity as it ties up my two strong passions: for Arab culture and for helping people.
So what exactly I do? Our basic job is to teach English but also to implement other activities basing on our personal initiative. I am working mostly with women. I teach them English and they share with me their magical knowledge about Syrian, delicious cuisine, which I later experiment on my flatmates! With women I have also fitness class. Every single time, during crazy Zumba dancing and squeezing the last sweat when interval training we build an amazing connection based on trust and respect for each other. Due to this connection I am able to get to know them better and to understand their culture deeper and deeper. Additionally, as an old scout guide, I lead some games with children through which I try to teach them some English and show them how to work in groups, cooperate, compete and help each other.
One day I had a dream. In this dream I was abroad and I was helping people. The next day I applied for EVS project in Jordan. Now I am here, and I’ve already fallen in love with this place, with this work and with these people!

 Anna, Denmark
Hi, my name is Anna and I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark. Earlier this year I found myself almost buried in books finishing my bachelor in Politics and Administration, and I longed for new experiences. I’ve been interested in the Middle East for quite a while back – the politics, the food, the religion and the people – so when I was given the opportunity to go to Jordan through EVS, it was an offer I couldn’t resist. Now I could finally find out what the fuzz was all about! Back home I was involved in voluntary work and civil activism against racism, and I like the thought of getting to know and share your culture with people that you normally wouldn’t meet. Other than this, I like yoga, watching documentaries and eating food (that I don’t have to prepare myself…).
So far Jordan has not been a disappointment. Teaching English to girls in Suf camp, trying to learn Arabic and exploring different rooftops in Amman – I get new experiences every day, big and small!

 Kristijan, Croatia.
 “Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”
T. Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky


Sylwia, Poland.

My name is Sylwia, I’m from Poland and Jordan was my dream! I’m 24 and next year I’ll finish my studies in sha Alla which is Arabic philology. If you need someone to explain you the mystery of word roots in Arabic – here I am! My second passion is volunteering and finding new ways to undersand the people who think differently than me. I came here for 6 months and I hope to learn a lot about the reality of refugees in this country.

Lukas, Germany.

DSC_0221 (Large)Hi! My name is Lukas, I’m 18 years old, just finished high school and here in Jordan for six month in total. I wanted to experience something different, exciting and interesting before starting to study and I have to say that I definitely found what I was looking for. Amman and Jordan with its nature and people never fail to surprise, to impress or to teach you something new. Every day is different, may it only be the number of busses we have to take to reach Suf Camp in Jerash, where I teach English to a class of boys, which is also changing every lesson. And as I don’t lose orientation after two turns in the streets anymore, I really like to grab my camera and take photos of everything. I’m looking forward to the next four month!

Kristina, Estonia.

Hi, my name is Kristina (DSC_0637or just Kris) and I’m from Estonia. I am currently working on my Master’s thesis for Middle Eastern Studies and am learning Arabic. Obviously, as I have travelled in the Middle East and it’s a part of my studies, I love being here. Every second of it.

I’m here in Jordan for six months and I’m working as a volunteer. There are people who support us, the volunteers, by saying that what we do is necessary and important, and I really appreciate it. But as for me, I’m the type of person who thinks that sometimes words are not enough, so I really wanted to participate in this project. I’m glad I decided to join EVS as I have learned and experienced so much already!


Meta, Germany.

Hi! My name is Meta, I’m 24 years old and originally from Germany, but, as I am a part of the Danish minority in Germany and have lived in Denmark for the last 9 years, I also consider myself part Danish. I recently finished my bachelor in International Development Studies and I have been passionate about the issues of refugees and migration for a while now – maybe a little to passionate when I read articles which I don’t agree with. I have been in Jordan for almost 2 months now, and I am still learning something new everyday and am still fascinated by the culture. I teach English to a class of Jordanian teenagers in Sahab and also to a group of Syrian women, and they are a big part of why I like living here. Aswell as the falafel, the sweet, sweet shai and the coffee of course.

Amani, Germany.

Hey, I’m Amani, half German, half Jordanian and (with fresh 18 years) currently the yongest volunteer in WE. I just finished highschool and as I’ve always been the most curious person on earth and as I’ve liked travelling ever since, I decided to pack my stuff – and now my third month in Jordan has just started.
amani (1)I’m a dreamer, I do things in the way I like them to do. I’m addicted to art (especially street art) and I’m passionated about photography, languages, music and tiny, little things in life and I love (vegetarian) food, basketball and my siblings.
Living and working in Amman makes me smile almost everyday because it’s so colourful and vibrant with new people crossing my way every minute. There are, sometimes, even new faces among the teenagers in Sahab’s English class that I currently manage to teach. And I hope I’ll meet some more next month during the fitness classes in mukhayam ghaza (;

Klara, Slovenia. 


Hey! I am Klara from Slovenia and I am adventures seeker. As my studying of psychology didn’t bring enough of them I ended up at this part of the world and I love every second of it. I am passionate about food, sports, people’s stories, beer, tiny things and photography.

What I love the most about my time here is I learn something new every day – from the culture that surrounds me, people I work with or camps I work at. I teach English in the orphanage and have fitness classes in Gaza camp.

Rosa, Germany

RosaHi there I’m Rosa, I’m 25 years and studied Arabic/Islamic studies in my Göttingen, Germany for my Bachelors program, because I’m very interested in other countries and cultures. Especially the Arabic world fascinates me. Now I’m here to learn more about the culture and of course to improve my Arabic. This EVS project was exactly what I searched for a long time, because it connects practical work with people, the experience of living in an Arabic country and theoretical knowledge. I think intercultural exchange is very important in our world.

I like working with people and also research. Moreover I like being with my friends, sewing, sports (without a ball), photography and I’m very interested in topics concerning our society that’s why my second major in university is sociology.

Ana, Portugal

AnaHi! My name is Ana and I’m from Portugal! Having moved a lot since an early age, I became enthusiastic about different people, cultures and ways of living. I studied psychology and worked with refugees and asylum seekers in Portugal. My goal would be to continue helping these communities and to study how to foster altruistic actions among people for a more peaceful world. My work here has involved teaching English to children and adults but I believe EVS here achieves more than that: you get to connect and understand realities that otherwise would not be possible.

I like to spend time with friends, surf, play football, listen to music, travel and eat. I hope these 6 months ahead of me teach me and make a better person and professional!

Cata, Spain/Colombia

CataMy name is Maria Catalina, but people call me Cata. I’am a Colombian girl living in Spain for nine years. I arrived to Jordan 27 days ago, and my soul feels the need to explore, to learn, to grow up, luckily, Amman opened its doors and gave me the opportunity to do a communitary work with people in the camps.

I’am 24 years old, I like to cut my hair and colour it in differents colours. Sometimes during the beginning of the day I’m going alone around the city feelling up the walls with positive messages about women´s empowerment or against the violation of human rights. I usually say in Spanish: Don’t say it very high, it´s my secret 😉 In my free time I love to work with people with funcional diversity and make workshops with kids and women. Moreover, I go for a walk in the city or along the beach with a group of people from the mental health centre. The rest of the time I like to play Djembe, juggle, sing, dance, take classes of creative literature, read and share the time with my family and friends; in few words I like to enjoy my life!

Lisa, Germany

LisaHey, I am Lisa from Germany. Back home I’m doing my Master in Politics and Economics of the Middle East, but because I want to gain some more experiences working in an intercultural context and improve my Arabic communication skills, I decided to come to Jordan for 6 months before writing my thesis. After living in North Africa for a few months during the past year the EVS is also a great possibility for me to get deeper into touch with the Middle East. In Germany I am active in a youth organisation and I hope I can work about youth participation here in Jordan too and spread the idea that everbody is able to change something in their society. My passions are discovering the world, football, swimming and reading. As a food monster I also enjoy good food – and so far Jordan has a lot to offer of this!

Alba, Catalonia

Hola! I am Alba from Barcelona. I am a culture vulture and a big eater, this is why I am doing my EVS in Jordan. I am passionate about the idea of improve the Euro Mediterranean cooperation. With this objective on my mind I started to learn more about my neighborhood. I was working and traveling around the region: Siria, Libanon, Egypt, Palestine, Turkey… while discovering a new language and a beautiful people. Nowadays, in Jordan I will try harder again because at this moment “I know one thing: that I know nothing”.

Luisa, Portugal

LuisaFeminism is my second name, although some might argue that is my first name. I should also point out that I fall in love with other people’s life choices. I love to move to other countries. I like to start over again. I like to get lost. I love coincidences. I love to argue. I love passionate people. I love options. I love crazy people. I love damaged people. I have a love/hate relationship with ambivalence. I love impulsive people. I like Autumn and Spring. I love random gestures of kindness. I love vulnerability.

Katie, UK

KatieHey! I’m Katie from Britain and I just finished law school. After a lifetime of no travel, and significant illness in my early 20s, my goals shifted. I declined a wage packet in commerce-driven London to travel the world with just my Doc Martins and good intentions. I’m here for adventure, for challenge and to learn. Every day, I’m doing just that; rewarded every time the children at the camp smile at my attempts at Arabic or proudly parrot my British accent. I have a passion for rights; especially those of women, and consider the work I complete here to be complimentary. Moreover, what I am learning here is invaluable and could only have been facilitated by a programme which does not discriminate according to personal, financial means; the EVS Scheme. I intend to integrate my love for literature and education, photography and international politics into my ever expanding life in the Middle East.

Kamila, Poland


Hi. I’m Kamila, 19 years old. I am from Poland. The main reason why I came here was a possibility to do fitness workshops. I love all kinds of sports – my dream is to parachute and fly a paraglider but at the same time I’m afraid of water sports and bungee jumping. In future if I was rich I would collect all cats from Amman and create a house for them. I am crazy about those the most beautiful creatures in the world and my heart is bleeding when I see them in trash containers dirty and hungry. Being here for a year is adventure. Jordan is no like European countries – starting with refugee camps, through law, landscape and finishing with good. I am excited about every day here – meeting another point of seeing world, new people and realise that even language is not that big obstacle if your job is fun.

Oana, Romania


I am Oana from Romania. I have recently finished my postgraduate studies in human development, where I had the opportunity to gain international experience while working and studying in Italy, Germany, Romania and India. I am very keen to discover Jordan, and add value to the projects that I am involved in. I believe in cooperation and consider change starts from the bottom up. During one year in Jordan I will be taking part in project management, workshop for youth and raising awareness about exchange possibilities. I will also lead activities in Gaza and Suf Camp, focused on non-formal education and English. My main interests are photography, social justice, graphic design and MDGs.

Andres, Germany


Marhaba, Hello or guten Tag! I am one of the new volunteers in Jordan, Amman and I will stay here for 12 months. My name is Andres but if you can’t remember/pronounce it you can call me Andy. I graduated my high school in March but I had no idea what I should study. Furthermore I wanted to see a bit more of the world, meet people from different countries and maybe find out what I want to do in my life. Therefore I went for EVS. You may ask: Why Jordan? Why do you want to work with kids? Well I have to say that Jordan wasn’t my first choice for my EVS but I got a pledge for this project and most of the others didn’t even answer (and now I am happy that I am here). The second question is easy to answer, one because the work with children is more varying than only sitting in a office. It is essential for me to do something practical to improve my interpersonal skills. Another aim for this EVS is to learn Arabic at least for a basic conversation (or more if possible).

Previous volunteers

Rad, Poland

RadekHello, I’m Rad, 24, from Cracow, Poland. I studied PR and International Studies. I’ve worked as an event manager since graduation but I realized that now it’s not a time for sitting in the office but for exploring some world and living the adventure. I’ve always been interested in Islamic culture so I decided to apply for a project in Jordan. It was right decision. Together with my friends, we established Europe4Youth Association to build European civil society by activating and educating young people through non-formal learning methodology. I organized many youth exchanges in Europe and I would like to do something like that here. My passion is traveling, photography, acting, national branding and politics. I am open-minded, energetic and I always keep a positive attitude.

Sara, Latvia 


My name is Sara. I wanted to come to Jordan because of those differences I was writing about. I am familiar with Europe, but there are tons of other regions to see – this one was one of the craziest, most glued over with stereotypes but also, because of EVS, most accessible. While being here, I want to learn, of course, about the culture, about people and, crossing my fingers, the language. I will be teaching English, Geography and recycling to girls in Gaza refugee camp and hopefully that will prove that I am able to use the knowledge that my teachers handed to me.

Gertha, Estonia

GerthaMy name is Gertha, but mostly known as Keku, I’m 24 years old and from Estonia. You know, it is a small country near to Finland, Sweden and Latvia. Back at home I worked with youth participation and children’s rights. Here I am a volunteer who’s looking for adventures, experiences and knowledge you can’t get in Estonia. Plus I’ve always had a dream to live abroad for a longer time. 6 months seems to be just perfect for that, as did Jordan and Amman. Especially that I can continue working with youngsters and maybe, just maybe there is something I can give to them that they otherwise wouldn’t get. Other stuff I like? Well, I play drums in one so called home-made band, I’m pretty much in love with Theatre of the Oppressed and forum theatre and now I am discovering my drawing skills. One thing I truly believe in is that the world is your chance to create.

Nikolai, Estonia

NikolaiTere! My name is Nikolai, from Estonia. I’m a youth worker, who likes to experiment and believes in people. I came to Jordan to study, learn and to experience new things. My main interest are literature, chess, global education, theatre of the oppressed and the world in general. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Gregor, Slovenia


Hi, I’m Gregor, 26, from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Back home I am a sociologist, literary comparativist, obsessive reader, traveller, freelance writer. Here in Jordan I’m a curious volunteer, looking for new experiences, unforgettable moments and opportunities to broaden my horizons.

Kristof, Slovenia

KristofHi! Don’t know me? Would like to read a few words, you say. Hm, what to tell you? Well, I’m Krištof Fajdiga, a volunteer from Slovenia.
What have I been doing in Slovenia? I studied psychology, done my bachelor and two years of master but my thesis is still waiting for me which is why I’m only here for 6 months. Besides my studies I worked as a volunteer in a program for international volunteering. I like sports and hanging out with friends especially when one of them plays something on the guitar and we can sing together.
Why Jordan? Difficult question. First of all I liked the project, because I like working with children and youth and because I think the work here is somehow connected to my interests: psychology and learning about other cultures. And second I’ve never been to the Middle East before and what is better than discovering new culture and places together with some other goals that just the tourism. It was an opportunity and the time was right to take advantage of it. Amman so far? I like it! Anything else? Well, you know where to find me.

Dace, Latvia

daceMarhaba! My name is Dace and I come from Latvia. Back in my country I was an event organizer and a linguist. I’ve always enjoyed traveling and discovering new cultures. So here I am – spending a year working with my cute little students, local and refugee kids, teaching them English, and learning Arabic.

Julie, Denmark


My name is Julie. I am Danish, 20 years old, and I teach English in Suf camp and Gaza camp. After realizing that I had spent the past 14 years going to school I decided to do something else for a while. And I don’t have any regrets at all. Jordan is definitely an amazing place with amazing people and an exciting culture. In general I am very interested in politics and social issues, which I hope to discover more about from a Middle Eastern perspective during my stay in Jordan.

Manon, France

ManonI am Manon. I left France to live here in Jordan during 6 months! I decided to take a gap year to live something different, a new experience to enrich me personally and I chose to make an EVS. It is a real challenge for me to leave everything, my family, my friends… But my biggest challenge is my English! At least my French accent makes the other volunteers laugh! I’m discovering the Jordanian culture little by little… and the Jordanian and Palestinian people every day through my project of Zumba with women in Gaza camp and also children, thanks to the sports activities.

Doriane, France

DorianeHi, I’m Doriane, 19, I’m from France and I’ve come to Jordan to be a volunteer for 6 months. I help in Gaza Camp in Jerash by working with children and women. I prepare lessons and activities for children and fitness classes for women. I would like to improve my English and learn Arabic at the same time. Furthermore, I want to give my time and energy to people and make some small change in their lives.

Karina, Denmark

KarinaHello! I’m Karina from Denmark, an outgoing and smiling woman. After finishing a degree in Marketing, I realized that I would love to combine my work with traveling. I have spent the last three years traveling the world; Living in New Zealand, Turkey, Egypt and UK made me realize that life is about experience new cultures and meet amazing people with inspiring stories. After I went to Egypt, I got a increasing interest in Arabic language and a better understanding of Middle East in general. I always wanted to do volunteering, so having the opportunity to combine those things was the perfect opportunity for me. In Jordan I will be working with different kinds of promotion, but my first priority and focus will be promoting the European Volunteer service program. Furthermore I will be leading activities in Gaza and Suf Refrugee Camps in Jarash with focus on English and recycling. I will be in Jordan for 6 months and my goal is to see every part of Jordan. I wanna see the famous and well known places but also find the unknown hidden places where the tourism haven’t been yet. I have a keen interest for traveling and see the world.

Gosia, Poland

gosiaGosia – volunteer from Warsaw, Poland. Having lived and travelled around the Middle East – North Africa region, I decided to begin a new stage as EVS volunteer in Jordan. I am very interested in Arabic culture and language, I love travelling, learning languages (Arabic, French and Spanish), arts and crafts (from “do it yourself” jewellery to professional artistic jewellery making, handmade clothes and bags), music (singing, guitar and accordion) and practically everything related with creativity, which I believe is a great potential to discover in oneself. In the camp, I participate in teaching English, artistic workshops as well as exercises building self-confidence among girls.

Kata, Poland

kataKata from Poland. I am photographer and animator of culture. I lead workshops with women and children in Gaza Camp, Jerash.

 Paulina, Poland

paulinaI’m Paulina. I’m a philosophy student and amateur photographer from Poland. I love travelling, non-fiction literature and motorcycles. In the camp I teach English.

Wouter, Belgium 

wouterMy main reason of coming here was finding something new yet again, something I haven’t done before. Friends of mine told me about EVS projects they had done and it seemed, and turned out to be, an amazing opportunity. An opportunity not only to come live and experience Jordan for a while but also to develop new skills, in my case to have a first taste of how to make a video.

Kristina, Lithuania

kristinaI am Kristina. Last September I quit my job in Vilnius, decided to take a break and came to Amman. Since I arrived, I can’t stop appreciating my decision to give up on routine and sign up for this exciting journey of exploration, sharing, love and understanding. I am very glad that I came to volunteer in a city that keeps me captivated and curious to discover it and constantly dig deeper.


Anne-Laure, France

anne-laureHello, I am Anne-Laure from France. I like travelling and I am currently an EVS volunteer in Jordan in Jerash camp. I used to practice sport such as Rock Climbing, Badminton, Rowing, Swimming a lot and sometimes ice skating. As sport is my favourite hobby and as it is important to keep a healthy lifestyle, I’m trying to promote it in the camp. That is why I am teaching badminton for girls in the school and dance for girls and women in the fitness center…


Ieva, Latvia

ievaI’m Ieva, I’m coming from small country Latvia. I came to Jordan after graduating my university. Now I’m taking part in one year long EVS project during which I’m working with kids in cultural center with kindergarten group and leading creative activities and games with kids in refugee camps.

Agnese, Latvia

agneseI am from Latvia the middle country of three Baltic States in north of Europe. I have studied environmental science and photography. Now in Jordan together with other volunteers I am leading educational activities for girls in Gaza Camp in Jerash, we learn English through games, we make different crafts from recycled materials, we play brain games and team building games. Also I am taking part in many other WE Center activities like project writing, fund raising and organizing workshops for local youth in Amman. Besides that I am exploring Jordan through the lens of my camera http://amurniece.tumblr.com/

Dina, France

dinaHi, I’m Dina from France but my parents are Moroccans so I’m a little mix of cultures, I’m EVS Volunteer in Jordan since September 2013 until March 2014. I’m 20 years old, I like read books, I’m always saying this but since I’m in Jordan I didn’t open any book… I love travelling; I visited Morocco, Spain, The Holy Land and Egypt I hope I will travel more.

My project is about the refugees Camp of Mukhayam Ghaza in Jerash, a little city not too far away of Amman, which is the Capital of Jordan. I’m trying to teach English to girls who are around 6-12 years old, and to organize some games with others volunteers. Sometimes I’m participating to the Yoga classes with the women in the camp, I like to try and discover news activities. So if you want to become a volunteer, no hesitation, just try.

Jason, France

jasonHello, my name is Jason, I’m 22 and I’m from France. I did my bachelor in languages (English-Arabic) and when I finished, I decided to make my EVS to Jordan in WE Center organization. I like music, I play the piano, the flute and the yukulele, and I like to share my energy with people. I like the international environment and I like to discover countries and cultures that are different. Thanks to this experience, I can discover new tasks, I can develop other ideas, and I can get challenged to make the local place better, and to act better in the future. I was planning this EVS experience for a long time, and now I’m very glad to realize it.

Giedre, Lithuania

giedreI am Giedrė from Lithuania. I studied Cultural History and Anthropology in Vilnius University. At the moment I volunteer in WE Center, mostly working with refugee women in Gaza camp. My activities are teaching English to women in a wonderful fitness center, also I participate in sport activities in the same center. I came to Jordan in the beginning of September, and I am very happy about my choice to stay here for 6 months. Even though, my time here is coming to an end, I could not be more satisfied about my experience and the things that I learned.

Peter, Denmark

peterHi! I’m Peter and at the moment I find myself far away from my daily routines in Denmark. I’ve been studying for the last three years and I felt that it was time to change my surroundings – and volunteering in Jordan happened to be the solution. After five months, I don’t have any regrets coming here. I still enjoy learning more about the country and the culture; I still like getting lost in the hills of Amman; and I still like falafel and hummus as the main ingredients in my food pyramid. Life as a volunteer in Jordan is pretty sweet!

Patrycja, Poland

patrycjaI’m Patrycja from Poland. I came to Jordan to study Arabic, explore culture and history of the Middle East and get more information about the refugees in the area. One of my tasks during my EVS project is to do yoga with women in the fitness center in Gaza camp in Jerash.

Joao, Portugal


Ola! Ramadan Kareen! My name is Joao (I know, it will be hard for you to spell it correctly) and I come from the end of the European continent: Portugal, Lisbon. I am 24 years old, a fresh young soul trying to discover the world – to get to know the huge place where we all live. My big dream and wish is to be happy and live, and that means having the energy to do what I feel I must do. I am the creator of my own destiny, just like you! I am a multicultural and communicative person, who has traveled to countries on 3 continents. As a part of life’s learning process, I am always totally interested in knowing the unique and authentic feelings that those places have to offer. Some of these voyages were made possible through the Youth in Action Programme, which has helped me to grow into the person I am today, and has also changed me completely. I advise, and wish that this opportunity could be given to all the world’s youth. Some great experiences that have had a great impact on me include the voyage to Morocco, my first one, that was so intensive – I slept in handmade cabanes at the top of the Big Atlas mountain, went to the top of a cascade surrounded by small monkeys, and even saw a young girl in the middle of an empty mountain road who i gave practical things like food, water, and some money. Another remarkable experience was to visit and be part of gypsy community twice in Romania. Their hospitality inspired me to document what I experienced and write a book about these incredible experiences. And now, here in this amazing country bursting with amazing souls, I know that I will reach a higher point in my life.

In my country I work odd jobs to get by and ensure my freedom, and soon I will study geography and territory planning – one of my passion’s in life. I hope that this will open doors, and allow me to work all over the world. That is the idea. So, as you can see, I love to travel, meet new people, acquire new knowledge, and share my experiences. I am interested in literature, music, history, and languages. I am also friendly, trustworthy, social, easy-going, and adventurous.

Pedro, Portugal

Pedro Lima (2)

My name is Pedro. I come from a small town in the north of Portugal namedname is Pedro Lima, I am 31 years old, I have graduated in International Relations and I am now taking a masters degree in Management. I come from a small town in the north of Portugal called Barcelos, and whose symbol is a cook.

Barcelos Cook (2)

If you don’t know Portugal I can tell you we were responsible for the Descobrimentos. Descobrimentos is the Portuguese name given to the Portuguese discoveries, an intensive maritime exploration we embarqued in during the 15th and 16th century. Portuguese sailors were at the vanguard of European overseas exploration, discovering and mapping the coasts of Africa, Asia and Brazil, in what become known as the Age of Discovery. The Descobrimentos have made the Portuguese pioneers of globalization, expanding European Knowledge of the world and building the first truly global empire, one that has beaten records of longevity, having lasted in various forms for almost six centuries, until quite late in the 20th century.

I have came to know better the Middle East, and it’s reality, while I was studying International Relations, most of my research papers were related with historical and recent events in the Middle East region, and that made me wonder how it would be to actually live there, how would i feel in reality. Would I easily adapt?

I was recently asked if I would like to be a volunteer in a two months initiative in Gaza Refugee Camp in Jerash, Jordan. I did not think twice, I just accepted the challenge! I accepted it because it would be a challenge for me, a Portuguese used to live and travel inside Europe, inside a very culturally and historically linked society. Let us see how I’ll do, i can only promise to do my best.

Elza, Latvia


Marhaba, my name is Elza. I am Latvian, living in Amman as a volunteer. I just turned 20 (and I will celebrate my 21st birthday here in Jordan) and it is my first experience living in Arabic country.

I am fan of good movies and literature, old music and history in general.

After graduating high school and before studying at university I desperately wanted to work as a volunteer somewhere abroad. In Latvia, I worked in NGO “Dobele Youth council” and I also taught improvisation theatre for youngsters in countryside. When I read description of EVS project in Jordan I doubt that I will apply, but here I am with no regrets.

During my EVS project I am going to work with kids from Gaza camp, generally I will teach them improvisation theatre. I think it is going to be an amazing experience especially in circumstances when body language is the only language we both know (but it can also be tricky one).

Donata, Lithuania

My name is Donata. I will work as a volunteer in Amman, Jordan for almost one year. I like travelling. I really enjoy travelling with my friends, exploring new countries, cities. But at the same time I think I want to see the country not just from a touristic side. I want to be involved in its daily life, routine. I always feel that I have to search for new opportunities to make life more extraordinary, unusual. So I decided to do the EVS and to start new projects in Gaza camp, to learn from my friends in WE centre, to discover more about traditions, culture, religion, lifestyle in Jordan. At the same time I think I will experience and get more than I expect. Probably I will become a real Jordanian during my EVS. I’m from a small country Lithuania near the Baltic sea. Usually people don’t know where it is, so I’m happy to invite them to visit it and to enjoy the weather, nature and cultural life of it. Though it has just 3 million people, but they all are so different and can show you a different side of the country.

And what is more about me? I studied public administration in Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius. During my studies I spent half – year in Turkey and it was unforgettable experience. After studies I was working at school, in the administration. But I couldn’t stop thinking about other opportunities of life, so I left my country and spent time in England, Sweden, Morocco. It is really necessary to change the place to become more self-confidence, tolerant and interesting person. And I believe that this experience in EVS will encourage me to do more and not to stop 😉

Alessandra, Italy


My name is Alessandra, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Italy. I have a birthmark on my left cheek. In Italy we say that it’s due to the fact that the mother, when she was pregnant,was strongly desiring something. My mother was strongly desiring coffee, she didn’t transmit me the will of coffee (really strange for an Italian girl, I know), but also I have my strong desire: knowingnew cultures and meeting different people. So I’m trying to buildmy life in this direction: the studies with the degree in Science of Intercultural Communication and the master degree in Anthropology, the volunteer activities and the works in the field of international cooperationand of immigration, but also intercultural theater laboratories and oriental belly dance, not forgetting my travels outside Europe, in Togo, Syria and Egypt.

During my university, especially I studied Arabic language and culture but it was not enough for me: I wanted to see, experience directly what I had studied on books so I decided to realize a fieldwork in Syria and another one in Egypt. They were really important experiences for me because they made me grow culturally and humanly. Now I’m emotionally linked to the Middle East and I desire to continue to deepen my knowledge of this area of the world. For this reason I’m in Jordan now and I am so happy to the idea to have the opportunity to visit this country, to meet its people and to know more about its culture.

During my EVS project I’m going to work especially with women and kids in Ghaza Camp, a Palestinian Refugees Camp in Jerash. I think that it will be a so significant and enriching experience for me that I will gain from this experience more than how much I will give them.

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