Goodbye Jordan? No, See you soon!

Life in Jordan is exciting and challenging in a good way! After living in Jordan for 6 months some things in life have changed a lot! For example, from now on I will be extremely aware of water waste. After living with limited of water for four girls, I will appreciate the opportunity to take a long shower with a pressure and won’t let the water run while I do the dishes. On the other hand, I will appreciate the fact that I can do laundry more than once a week. I will miss the good weather but at the same time love the fact that we have central heating in Denmark. It will be nice to finally go out without harassment, but on the other hand, all the benefits you get in the daily life in Middle East will be taken away from you in Europe. So you will get cheaper alcohol but wait in the line like everybody else. So at the end of the day – what do I prefer? The luxury of taking a taxi and at the same time pay way less than Europe has been a nice experience. In general being able to travel cheaply to other countries in the Middle East has been absolutely amazing as well. I will leave Jordan as less of a control freak than I was before I came. I will still organize, arrange and make lists but Jordan has showed me that in the end everything will be fine. I will leave with this, but will be back for sure! So if you meet a colourfully dressed Danish woman making lists on the bus about life– feel free to say hey!

by Karina

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