Voice of the streets in Amman

This is a collection of street art I have delightfully found on my own while wondering around on the hills of Amman. Facing diversity, splashing colours!

I developed a keen interest for street art because I see it as a great creative tool to send a message across. It is an expression of the self and rather a response, a reaction to several stimuli. You can find sprayart in public places, which are saturated by the advertising and billboards or as a reach out to create a communicative act, to let your voice be heard. The pattern that I observed travelling to different countries is that street art, per se, represents a sort of catalyst transforming the public space, where urban art, indeed, is the voice of the young, an opportunity to re-claim the street as a space of expression and freedom.

Call it vandalism, peaceful protest, cosmetizing or empowerment, at the end of the day the label is not minimizing its powerful message. For me, street art is a witty way for statements and raising questions.

Enjoy! The collection will be updated each time I encounter new murals and stay tuned for a future article on: Voice of the streets in Jerusalem!

1.Jabal Al Qala’a: work by An Urban Reflection (non-profit community arts residency programme inviting artists to connect with different areas of the city)

2.Downtown: work by WOW Baladk (the first regional street art festival in the Middle East. 25 artists and graffiti painters)

3.Skatepark downtown

4. Various murals and graffiti from individual (anonymous) artists

by Oana

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